About our system

Our e-learning system comprehensive system that allows you to create from scratch, e-learning training and manage them. The system is dedicated to companies, institutions and organizations that in a short time need to effectively train a lot of people. The comprehensive system provides solutions used in the educational process to maximize its profitability.

Access to platform is via a web browser, so both the administrator and the students will be able in any place at any time use the platform.

Unlike existing solutions on the market, offered by our system has been developed with the latest IT solutions. This allowed for product creation, that maximally streamline the learning process, offering a new, previously unheard of opportunities in one place.

Many of the available e-learning systems were developed several years ago, when e-learning as a new form of learning was not universal, so the ability of these systems are not part of the modern user’s expectations.

With our extensive experience in distance learning, we created a system that optimizes costs and shortens the time of training creation . Tool for creating the substantive text has been designed to be simple and quick to use.

Content BuilderAuthooring tool

Create e-learning content by your own:

  • interactive tests and exercise
  • introduce scenarios in the form of comic strips
  • import MS Office materials
  • text-to-speech voices or record your own tutor

Virtual ClassroomOnline meeting with your teacher

Remote live classes allows you:

  • free video and voice chats
  • virtual blackboard
  • desktop sharing
  • records the class as it happens,

LMS SystemLearning Managment System

Comprehensive tool for managing training and learning.

  • register students for courses
  • report progress
  • report time spent on learning disabilities
  • share files through your students