General informations

Sourceful ICT Generic Fix Adapter (GFA) is a highly optimized electronic trading engine. Employing Financial Information eXchange
(FIX) protocol for direct market access increases trading speed and
lowering latency. Using FIX Electronic Trading (ET) enables orders
placement, price feeds, and trade information.

The Generic Fix Adapter offers FIX connectivity for price taker institutions that have already implemented or plan to implement their
own graphical interface via GFA application programming interface

  • Direct market access
  • Optimized electronic trading
  • Modular API enabling message formating suited for client
    system (JSON, FIX, XML)
  • Easy deployment on Windows and Linux servers
  • Security and authentication protocols
  • Application monitoring tools

Easy to deploy

GFA is built based on the FIX protocol version 5.0SP1 with additional tags.

For purpose of cross platform deployment GFA is developed in MONO, an implementation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework based on the ECMA
standards for C# and the Common Language Runtime. The application enables creation of fles logs and database data storage both MSSQL
and MySQL.

Trade security is provided with FIX protocol and SSL encryption..

Easy to deploy architecture and built in monitoring tool makes it a perfect trading engine.
Technology Optionally Sourceful ICT offers Support Desk and Monitoring features for Clients lacking IT support.

Elastic software

The GFA enables access using application programming interface (API).
Modular API architecture provides full flexibility of input/output formatting according to client system requirements.
GFA is equipped with authentication protocols and application monitoring tools bringing full control of the application
environment to the Client/client system.

GFA functionality summary:

  • Market prices monitoring for spot and future deals
  • Secure spot and forward trading
  • Deal availability timer
  • Trade history browsing
  • GFA supports trading on all currency pairs available
    to the Client on the foreign exchange market
  • Include holiday schedule for all forex markets