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You might have experienced it yourself, booking a room in a great hotel at a beautiful location at the beach. Once you checked in, taking the elevator to your room and holding the key at the door lock. You open the room and find yourself not looking at this wonderful beach site but you are facing a concrete wall of the neighboring building next to you. By using this our software, you can navigate throughout the whole hotel and experience how each individual room is decorated and what view you have in each room.

Business industry
From 2021 onwards
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Product overview

What is it all about is the customer. We came up with a room concept, that visually would embrace me as a client. My room that is waiting for me, hospitality is key in this business and this concept was even overachieving this default experience. The other element that was important is to provide alternatives in the view on each floor. Showing the available rooms that is fitting your selection, and providing alternative rooms and explaining the differences between the rooms, thereafter select and book.


By using this booking option, you can navigate throughout the whole hotel and experience how each individual room is decorated and what view you have in each room. No surprises when you check in, because you have carefully selected and booked that room of your choice.

  • Images for each individual room
  • Integration with backoffice
  • Integration with booking process
Functionality summary
  • 01Explore all rooms
  • 02Compare all rooms
  • 03Compare the views
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A room in a hotel is a significant component of the overall guest experience. Hotels strive to provide comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable accommodations for their guests. Here are some key aspects that contribute to a positive room experience in a hotel:

  1. Comfortable Amenities: Hotels aim to provide comfortable amenities in their rooms, including cozy beds with high-quality mattresses, soft linens, and a selection of pillows to suit guests' preferences. Other amenities may include seating areas, work desks, in-room entertainment systems (such as televisions), and climate control systems for personalized temperature settings.
  2. Cleanliness and Maintenance: Cleanliness is essential in hotel rooms. Guests expect rooms to be spotless and well-maintained. Regular housekeeping ensures that rooms are clean, tidy, and replenished with fresh towels, toiletries, and other essentials. Prompt attention to any maintenance issues, such as broken fixtures or malfunctioning appliances, contributes to a positive guest experience.
  3. Efficient Space Planning: Hotels design their rooms to optimize space and functionality. Thoughtful space planning ensures that rooms are well-organized, with sufficient storage options, a comfortable layout, and appropriate lighting. Adequate space for luggage, clothing, and personal belongings is crucial for guests' convenience.
  4. Privacy and Security: Guests value their privacy and expect hotels to provide secure environments. Features such as well-insulated walls, soundproofing, and effective window coverings contribute to a peaceful and private atmosphere. Additionally, reliable locks, security systems, and safe storage options provide guests with a sense of security for their belongings.
  5. Connectivity and Technology: In today's digital age, hotels are expected to offer reliable connectivity options. High-speed internet access, convenient power outlets, and charging stations for electronic devices are essential amenities. Integration of smart technology, such as room controls through mobile apps or voice assistants, can enhance the guest experience by providing ease of use and personalization.
  6. Thoughtful Design and Décor: Hotels often strive to create visually appealing and comfortable room environments. Thoughtful design choices, including the selection of furniture, color schemes, artwork, and lighting fixtures, contribute to a pleasant ambiance. Incorporating local elements or themes can also add a unique touch to the room experience.
  7. Guest Services and Support: Providing attentive and responsive guest services is crucial. Hotels may offer 24/7 reception and concierge services to assist guests with their needs, inquiries, or special requests. Prompt response to room service orders, maintenance issues, or other guest requests helps ensure a positive experience.

Hotels understand the importance of continually improving the room experience to meet guests' evolving expectations. They strive to create environments that make guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and satisfied throughout their stay.

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