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Ecosystem for Mobility Services

MultiTankcard is a Dutch company that provides fuel cards and mobility solutions for businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company offers a range of services to help businesses manage their fuel expenses and streamline their fleet operations.

Business industry
From 2020 onwards
Looking for experts?
Product overview

The overall high-level scope was to create a highly scalable mobility platform that enables MTc to serve as an e-MSP in the market for EV-charging services. This new mobility platform should facilitate real-time communication with all CPO’s in the Netherlands. This new cloud module is securely connected to the back-end system of MTc and includes a dashboard for monitoring the communication with the CPO’s.


Connected EV-solution where all stations can be combined in one dashboard

  • Single overview
  • One platform
  • Secured
  • Management dashboard
Functionality summary
  • 01Integral solution
  • 02Oracle interface
  • 03Integration with other sevices
Decoration circle

Integral Service platform

charging 3

The new EV-solution is providing an integral service, combined with all other MTc services to their clients, a single overview for all the consumed services which provides convenience. Their promise to the clients are, being a service provider for EV-services for all public and semi-public charging stations in the Netherlands and Europe. This totals over 250.000 charging stations in Europe and over 500.000 customers that can benefit these services.

The EV-solution and self-service portal initiatives are the first steps in becoming a futureproof and agile service provider, that in the near future will decommission their on-premise Oracle landscape. This is the start of a new era of MTc and their mobility services.

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