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25 Apps and Counting—Including a Mission-Critical Logistics App Now, just over two years since adopting OutSystems, Rossmann has 25 applications running on OutSystems, serving around 20,000 users every day. Of these, 4,000 are heavy users at head office, and around 16,000 are users in stores. Rossmann has a blended sourcing approach that combines in-house development with certified developers from OutSystems partner Sourceful to assist on more complex projects. “Many developers assume low-code is just for simple tools in the back office,” says Robert. “But we’ve proven the contrary very quickly. Sourceful with OutSystems allows us to build the applications we need with virtually no limits, including extensive apps that cover critical operations.” So, although Rossmann has several simple applications that do not require extensive integration, it also has more complex business-critical solutions that it has comprehensively integrated with core systems.

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Product overview

Scanning technology can be used to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of field operations. For example, service technicians can use mobile devices equipped with scanning capabilities to scan barcodes or QR codes on equipment, parts, or documents related to a service task. This can help them quickly access relevant information, such as equipment manuals, parts catalogs, or service records, without having to manually search for them. Scanning can also help track inventory levels, reduce errors, and streamline the billing process by automatically capturing data about the parts or services performed.


Using scanning technology to prevent manual errrors.

  • Scanning products
  • Service levels
  • Service history
Functionality summary
  • 01Platform independency
  • 02Backoffice integration
  • 03Reducing manual errors
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S-Hub—A Mission-Critical Logistics App

The S-Hub app is at the center of Rossmann’s supply chain. Installed on Android devices used at Rossmann’s central distribution warehouse, S-Hub scans incoming and outgoing deliveries, streamlining distribution to stores.

The application helps route consignments to the correct vehicles, ranging from large trucks to small vans often needed to reach city-center stores where large trucks are not permitted. Operators also use S-Hub to record that the delivery is undamaged, all seals are intact, and the required shipping documents are there. 

“S-Hub is mission-critical for us and must operate reliably six days a week to ensure we keep stores stocked,” says Piotr Jugiel, Deputy Director of Rossmann’s IT Department. “Otherwise, our customers are left with empty shelves. This use case proves how low-code can serve enterprise-strength scenarios. We’ve used S-Hub since mid-2020 and have continually enhanced it.”

Heracles—Stores Task Management

Heracles enables Rossmann’s headquarters to assign tasks to store employees. These are often data-capture tasks like a short survey. Examples include stock display checks and safety incident reporting.

Users at HQ can rapidly configure tasks from ready-made widgets, like multiple choice questions, checkboxes, photo upload, and many more. Then, tasks can be sent to all stores or specific types of stores.

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